MacIntyre McCulloch & Stanfield, L.L.P. provides a full range of estate planning and probate services. We draft wills and living trusts for management continuity and tax savings in future generations, and also help individual and corporate executors and trustees administer a decedent’s estate and trusts efficiently and cost-effectively.

Many of our trusted family relationships are decades old and it is common for our attorneys to work with multiple generations of a family over the course of decades. We counsel on the most sensitive personal family tax issues, from those involving marital disputes and succession planning to executive compensation and retirement plans We work with clients to form charitable remainder and lead trusts, as well as to structure gifts and bequests to charities. And, when necessary, we represent clients in adversarial proceedings with the Internal Revenue Service. 


We tailor estate planning to individual needs. You will be encouraged to articulate your unique desires and goals and to have an appropriate estate plan created to fit these stated objectives. Though not an exhaustive list, examples of various estate planning devices which may be considered include the following:

  • Wills
  • Living trusts
  • Life insurance trusts
  • Declarations of guardians for both incompetent adults and children
  • Educational trusts
  • Gift trusts
  • Special needs trusts for the disabled
  • Charitable trusts
  • Irrevocable trusts for specific purposes

By taking steps to establish an estate plan, you can control who receives your probate assets and when. Failure to act in the establishment of an estate plan allows the laws of the State of Texas to determine who receives your probate property, which may not be consistent with your wishes and can often be much more expensive. By acting now, the lawyers of MacIntyre McCulloch & Stanfield, L.L.P. can assist you in preventing these negative results and retaining control over your property.


Our lawyers collectively possess decades of experience in the issues related to administering the estate of a deceased person. We have extensive backgrounds that provide us with unique abilities in representing executors, administrators, beneficiaries and creditors. On a regular basis, our lawyers are retained to represent individuals and corporations who are serving as executors. We are often hired by beneficiaries to provide knowledge and guidance with regard to the beneficiary rights as well as the responsibilities of the executor or administrator. Creditors presented with a demand to present a claim or who are told the estate cannot pay an obligation often seek professional guidance from MacIntyre McCulloch & Stanfield, L.L.P. to protect their interests.

We represent individuals and corporations from across the country on issues dealing with estates administered in Texas. We often work in the surrounding counties of Galveston, Montgomery, Fort Bend, Brazoria and Chambers, and although our offices are physically located in Houston, Harris County, Texas, we provide assistance with estates being administered in counties across the State of Texas.

Areas of expertise in connection with the administration of estates include the following:

  • Representing executors in probating wills and managing the estate administration process
  • Representing administrators when there is no will
  • Preparing and/or assisting in the preparation of federal estate and gift tax returns
  • Counseling clients with regard to post-mortem tax planning
  • Ensuring that beneficiaries’ rights are protected


Trust law is complex. The lawyers of MacIntyre McCulloch & Stanfield, L.L.P. are experts at counseling clients on trust issues ranging from the simple to the complex. Over the years, our skilled professionals have provided guidance to both corporations and individuals serving as trustees. We represent trustees when their discretion is being challenged by a beneficiary, when questions have arisen with regard to the fulfillment of their fiduciary obligations and on general trust administration questions. If you are serving as a trustee and are in need of counseling on your role and responsibilities, MacIntyre McCulloch & Stanfield, L.L.P. can provide the answers.

A beneficiary of a trust often has unanswered questions regarding his or her rights. A trustee may not provide satisfactory answers to a beneficiary’s inquiries, and the unanswered questions are often left unanswered by the trustee’s lawyers. If you find yourself in this situation, MacIntyre McCulloch & Stanfield, L.L.P. can help with providing professional guidance related to your rights as a beneficiary.

Areas of expertise in connection with the administration of trusts include the following:

  • Counseling trustees to ensure that actions of the trustee are consistent with the terms of the trust
  • Providing guidance to trustees on how to protect the trustee from liability
  • Addressing issues associated with the relationship between trusts and federal estate taxes and/or generation-skipping transfer taxes
  • Working with a trustee in the preparation of an accounting, whether required by the Texas Probate Code, the Texas Trust Code or in response to a demand from a beneficiary
  • Assisting trustees of Section 142 and Section 867 Trusts
  • Aiding a beneficiary in making a demand upon a trustee for a distribution
  • Assisting a beneficiary who wishes to obtain more information concerning the trustee’s activities with regard to a trust and its assets
  • Reviewing and analyzing information contained in a trustee’s accounting