The attorneys at MacIntyre McCulloch & Stanfield, L.L.P. deliver legal services to a wide range of business and individual clients: financial Institutions involved in or with interest in the disposition of wills, trusts and estates; individual trust beneficiaries, as well as corporate fiduciaries, in their respective roles as guardians, trustees, administrators and/or executors of trusts and estates; individuals within a family seeking representation in court or assistance with estate planning or administration; and businesses and executives seeking representation or counsel in a civil litigation matter.


The issues in these matters are sensitive: protecting assets that may have taken a lifetime to accumulate; managing property that has been in the family for generations; making long range provisions for beneficiaries; protecting business interests from disputes and other threats. These are matters that can affect personal as well as financial well being.

We understand this and strive to assist our clients with the whole scope of the issues they face. We are lawyers you can talk to.

We proceed with sensitivity and the force necessary to achieve our clients' goals. We assist in prosecuting and defending will contests, will and trust construction, termination of trusts, resignation or removal of trustees, litigation arising out of the administration of estates and trusts, as well as general civil matters, and also handle all forms of alternative dispute resolution.

Results matter, as do the feelings and sensitivities of the people we represent. We never forget the importance of either.


Our attorneys represent individual trust beneficiaries as well as corporate fiduciaries in their respective roles as guardians, trustees, administrators, or executors of trusts and estates. Because probate, trusts, and estates litigation is interdisciplinary, clients directly benefit as a result of our experience in businesses transactions, real estate, securities, employee benefits, corporate, and tax, among other areas.

Our attorneys work to resolve the issues in a dispute and achieve the personal as well as financial objectives of our clients, combining keen analysis, careful preparation, practical skills, and comprehensive experience to represent clients effectively before judges, juries, and other arbiters. If we cannot secure a favorable pre-trial solution, we try cases confidently and vigorously to verdict.