Situations arise, due to age, illness or injury where a person is no longer capable of making important decisions on their own. In such circumstances, the best solution may be the appointment of a guardian to assist in managing his or her affairs. If it is necessary to have a guardian appointed, an individual or entity is named by court order to exercise those powers and rights necessary to assist the afflicted person. A full or limited guardianship may be the appropriate protection for minors, persons with mental illness, developmentally challenged persons, or others the court determines, after a hearing, are incapable of making important decisions for themselves.

Lawyers at MacIntyre McCulloch & Stanfield, L.L.P. have extensive experience in dealing with Guardianships. Each attorney has represented both guardians and wards, as well as interested family members and friends. We have dealt with the difficult issues that every concerned family member or a guardian confronts. On occasion, the use of a guardianship is not the best solution for a particular situation and MacIntyre McCulloch & Stanfield, L.L.P. attorneys are alert to those circumstances and will direct you to the use of appropriate alternatives. You can be assured that in every case, MacIntyre McCulloch & Stanfield, L.L.P. attorneys will be able to advise and guide you through the process knowledgeably and efficiently.